Last month, we introduced you to The Chewing, in which New York magazine hilariously spliced together scenes of the The Killing's characters chewing on gum, chewing on chips, chewing on burgers — well, you get the idea. To this growing list of Internet compilations dedicated to television characters in various states of mastication, we add the Law & Order & Food Tumblr, which brings us relevant screenshots of the show's detectives and prosecutors doing what they do best: Eating on the job.

The author of the Tumblr reaches back into Law & Order's rich 20-season history to dig up the many, many instances of characters eating while investigating cases ripped blatantly from the headlines. Thus, if you found comfort in the show's tidy gravel-to-gavel formula — 30 minutes of police procedural followed by 30 minutes of courtroom (melo)drama — and kept up with the cast changes, you'll recognize the characters here, fueling up by chowing down on all sorts of classic New York street food as they detect and convict. Just like in real life.

You'll see, for example, a young Chris Noth as Detective Mike Logan noshing on a hot dog. In fact, there are many characters eating many hot dogs. Detective Lennie Briscoe (played by Jerry Orbach, may he rest in peace) eating meat on a stick and, separately, a slice of pizza. Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy) grabbing a french fry. Characters of all ages eating ice cream cones. And copious boxes of Chinese takeout consumed behind desks, in precinct offices and at law libraries.

Collected just so, these photos of Det. Briscoe, et al., make for an oddly compelling Tumblr. And if you are indeed compelled enough to page through the entire site, you'll likely find yourself pretty hungry. For justice. Insert gavel sound here.

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