The Lashesat Spaceland, December 9 Turns out they do make ’em like they used to. Seattle’s Lashes are a rock band in the traditional sense: crotch-constricting pants and carefully considered haircuts; grittily romantic songs about gals; and a true front man in the multibelted Ben Clark. For all the mysteries of major-label talent scouting, it’s easy to see why Columbia snapped them up (though record deals ain’t what they used to be — the sextet still hump their own equipment, and the club isn’t quite full).The Lashes flash panache in all departments, including sometimes spectacular song craft. Keysman/backing vocalist Jacob Hoffman covers acres of musical ground; Clark can hold a tune and a crowd; drummer Mike Loggins drives the bus without fuss; shrub-haired bassist Nate Mooter provides visual punctuation; and the twin six-strings of Eric Howk and Scotty Rickard co-inhabit countermelody territory. The treats peak with the pleading single “Sometimes the Sun,” but the Lashes’ worst effort would be the pride of many peers.Though late to the Strokes/Hot Hot Heat party, the Lashes give the garage an emo veneer and add multidimensional arrangement depth. If that means a dip in hip, they probably won’t complain about a future on the mainstream airwaves rather than cooler-than-thou clubdom.

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