The organizers behind the 626 Night Market are embarking on a brand new feat: to create the largest boba cup in the world. They've already started a Kickstarter campaign for the cause. The goal: to raise the money needed for a plexiglass cup that is expected to hold 320 gallons of tea.

The cup itself will be six feet tall and situated on a 2.5 feet high platform. The straw will extend its height an additional 3.5 feet resulting in a grand total height of 12 feet. The expected cost of the venture — a whopping $9,000.

It will hold 320 gallons of tea — over 2,500 cups of a standard 16 oz. boba drink — and will weigh approximately 2,700 lbs., heavier than an average sedan.

According to the organizers, people will actually be able to drink from the cup. They're planning on giving out 250 cups of boba tea away. Whether or not the drink will be a boba green tea or milk tea is still up in the air. A manufacturer from China has already been contacted and the night market is still in the process of collaborating with local boba shops to help brew the gigantic concoction.

Pledge prizes include logo and photo space on the cup, a Boss Pass (free food items from 626 Night Market's top five vendors with no wait in line) and a commemorative T-shirt.

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