The L.A. Opera's Once-in-a-Lifetime Costume Sale

Cleaning house before it relocates, the L.A. Opera held a once-in-a-lifetime costume sale this Saturday. The parking lot sale had over 1,000 items on 90 racks, and lines went around the block to purchase Devil horns at $2 a pop, or a couture hand-sewn silk ballgown for $200. The most expensive items up for sale included an ensemble worn by Placido Domingo as the King of Crete for Mozart's Idomeneo and a gown used by Frederica von Stade during The Grand Duchess by Offenbach. Both were on the “Diva rack” priced at $1,500 each. Bonnie Morgan of the Flying Morgan Family helped us by modeling some of the amazing outfits before the shop opened to the public. All photos by Star Foreman.