The Key to Moon Maison’s Success: How She Built a Strong Personal Brand

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Moon Maison, Founder of Moon Maison Media LLC, also known as The World’s Sexiest Life Coach is a Healer, an Influencer, and a Sex Goddess. She was given two of these titles when she participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony in 2017. In fact, it was in a message given to her, and outlined by a cosmic consciousness that radiated love, light and peace.

“There was a total immersion into sexual bliss and love..” Moon said about her spiritual encounter. She wasn’t sure if the message being dished out to her…was really meant for her, and asked, “are you sure? me?” Raw visceral love flowed through her in confirmation that, she better believe it…Moon Maison was a ‘Sex Goddess’, and not just of sex, but also love and healing.

Which made sense in a strange, coming full circle kind of way.

It was a tall order but who could argue with the logic spoken by a Spirit or God? Especially when the message aligned with everything she knew and learned, having done copious amounts of soul work up to that point.

She describes the experience as “a mind, body, soul upgrade” and how deep it went, feeling like she was ‘whole, safe, and home’. Her visions alluded to ”big things being on the way” and that she was finally ready for that thread to start unraveling.

“This is how I became the Goddess of Love. I had to go with it.”

Born in Seoul, South Korea – her birth mother is a Buddhist Shaman and her father died before she was born. Moon was adopted to an American family when she was 7 months old. She says she lived a normal life as a teen, something of a wild child. It was her hunger to experience life on her own terms that sent her packing to NYC.

“In all honesty, I’m not close with my family at all. I learned everything first by trial and error.”

So she did and once in NYC, she opened her own clothing boutique.

But…Moon needs to be passionate about something for it to stick. She started the brand, but hit a wall with it when the process started boxing her in, so Moon wanted to move onto – not necessarily greener pastures – but different ones.

She had a spiritual side she needed to start kindling and she couldn’t do that with a business to run, so she sold it, and moved to Miami.

Practicing yoga and meditation became her focus while at the same time, being introduced to modeling on the platform, OnlyFans. Her friends told her that she should get with it.

“A handful of friends told me I should start modeling. I think they meant fashion, but nude modeling came more naturally for me.”

She ended up slaying on the site, and making a name for herself which was a completely unexpected outcome. She was earning a living and exposure through OnlyFans. And the opportunities came a-knockin’, like being featured in Playboy and Sports Illustrated.

Financial stability was in place to fund her search for purpose, and travel around the world doing it.

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Moon says that she spent over $250,000 on her spiritual and personal growth but that it really doesn’t take that much, ”I believe if someone is struggling with happiness and success, they should seek and find. We didn’t all have great teachers and role models.”

To align her calling as Love & Sex Goddess with the modeling aspect seemed sensible to place it all under one umbrella but eventually Moon wanted her focus to be primarily on intuitive and sexual healing, coaching, and being a spiritual mentor.

“I have been transitioning out of nude modeling. I recently decided to stop and focus more on my mission to help others write books, and make music. I’ve made a lot of money using various platforms, but now I want to put my energy into more purposeful endeavors, and it’s been a success so far. I’ve coached many C-level executives on navigating their emotions and desires…teaching the path to sexual and spiritual enlightenment.”

Moon works with clients virtually and in-person. She’s studied under teachers on the practice of yoga, meditation, energy healing among other spiritual practices and tools she employs like tantra.

She wants to teach people how to use their energy to move to higher frequencies to essentially reach higher states of consciousness.

Her advice on feeling the love frequency and channeling sexual energy? “The cleaner your mind, body and soul is, the easier Spirit can flow through you. The more you can feel and be aware of, the better for transmuting it.”

Moon has a plethora of new content in the works to satisfy her goals; such as a product line, new music, and even her first book coming out soon. She’s made her work as a life coach accessible through multiple avenues and price points as well.

The important thing is that she’s on the right track, and big things are happening – just like she was told during her first Ayahuasca ceremony when it felt like she was ‘home’.

It’s looking like the World’s Sexiest Life Coach is going to be one busy gal for the foreseeable future. And she’s ready for it.

“I love living a creative lifestyle and accomplishing goals. It’s time for me to step more into my purpose now.”

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