Ever since hot and sexy press photos of musicians became the order of the day, silly pictures of classical artists have proliferated. The younger ones are usually provocatively clad in sultry poses, caressing their instruments, while the aging ones make awkward attempts to cavort in staid tuxes and gowns. But this photo of the Jung Trio emerging from the sea in their evening gowns like three bedraggled naiads is, like, huh? Oh well, who needs a point to the image when you're one of the most talented ensembles in the world? The Canadian-born musical sisters–pianist Jennie, violinist Ellen and cellist Julie–have been winning awards ever since they picked up their instruments and decided to go trio. 2002 was a particularly good year for the three gorgeous ladies, who marched off with the Grand Prize at the Yellow Springs Chamber Music Competition and the Bronze Medal at the legendary Fischoff Comnpetition. Degreed to the max from the U of Toronto, New England Conservatory of Music, Yale and Juilliard, the Jung sisters bring their inimitable combination of brains, passion and virtuosity to the table when they perform piano trios by Haydn and Brahms at both Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan Beach on Jan. 17 and Greystone Mansion on Jan. 18.

Sun., Jan. 18, 2 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly