Did you know the art of moviegoing is based on science? And the predictions about who goes where and why live with experts like Derek McLay, a box office expert who also happens to be an expert in people and experiences.  Get the serious inside baseball on the future of movies in this week’s episode of The World According to Craig: The Inside Baseball of The Future of Moviegoing.

A lot of people think that COVID-19 has upended everything we know about going to the movies. Expert Derek McLay joins Craig to say the opposite.

“I don’t care how much money you spend,” explains McLay, President of Forecasting at EDO. “I don’t care who’s in it, what it’s based on, once you take that and put it on Netflix, it’s TV. It’s more TV.  Movies and theaters are going out. Staying home and watching TV, it’s all just TV.”

People like to get out of the house, they like the experience of going to the movies, and streaming, for all its popularity, won’t change that.

Expertise is looking backward to look forwards, and it turns out the past tells us that people want an experience, and the experience of going out to the movies isn’t going away anytime soon. Movies are part of who we are, and also one of the most affordable experiences for families, couples and individuals. So when we can get out of the house, you can bet we’ll have popcorn in hand.

Want to know more about how it all works and the science behind it? Get ready for a deep dive with the engineering behind the art and an inside POV to see if the future is bright or bleak.

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