The Impactful LA Charity Fashion Show You Don’t Wanna Miss – Outer Edge LA ft. WIN

Are you ready to get your fashion on and make a difference for women in war zones? Then mark your calendar for March 21st and join the amazing audience that will attend the most anticipated Web3 convention on the West Coast – Outer Edge LA, formerly known as NFT LA.

More than just a gathering of cultural influencers and innovators in the tech space, it will also be the main stage to showcase culture, entertainment and social impact.

Spear headed by the inspirational Tal Navarro, Founder of Social Lady and WIN, and teaming up with Nik Kalyani of DAO Nftydreams and the fabulous Arielle Caputo from NFTLA, Outer Edge LA is going above and beyond to ensure the success of its social impact track.

The WIN Fashion Show is committed to assisting women in conflict zones and their everyday struggles against sex trafficking and violence.  A nonprofit that helps women in these situations, Women In Need, has created a marketplace where women may sell their artwork, and all proceeds from the event will benefit these organizations. They work in conflict-affected areas worldwide to provide women and girls with economic empowerment and support services. The group generates revenue for women’s organizations by selling their paintings on their marketplace.

The event will serve as a showcase for some of the most influential web3 personalities in the sector. Seventeen models will walk the runway, each with their distinct style and personality. Arielle Capulleto, Shira Lazar, Swan Sit, Michelle Reeves, Elise Swopes, Manouschka Guerrier, Israel Wilson, Jesse Tevelow, Alisa Jacobs, Keith Botha, Gav Blaxberg, David Bianchi, LOGIK, Leah Lamarr, Ed Balloon, Kelley Brodin, Adi Sideman and Sabet Ali will walk the runway. Each fabric worn will feature art made by notable artists and sold – the submitted artwork will be printed on T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other products.

“I created WIN to empower women by providing them the opportunity to sell their craft on the blockchain, to give them educational tools, resources, and the support they might need, so what better way to create a splash on the stages of Outer Edge LA in partnership with incredible thought leaders set on making an impact,” said Tal Navarro. “The goal was how do we not just talk about Social Impact on a stage but truly embed it into the structure of the conference, it seemed like a no brainer to bring her vision to life and collaborate in this unique way” said Arielle Caputo, spearheading Outer Edge LA’s social impact track.

The convention has cemented itself as the facilitator for critical dialogues, and all proceeds from the show will go towards WIN Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping women. This collaborative effort is one of the many ways the organization demonstrates its dedication to raising awareness and giving back to the community.

For more information, visit the Outer Edge LA website here, and don’t forget to book your tickets before the official opening on March 20th!

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