You might think it impossible to improve on greatness — but in a world where “bad” can mean “good,” why not at least try? Nilbog, the world's only horror-film-score cover band, present live scoring to the 1979 trash opus The Visitor, the only film to boast John Huston, Shelley Winters, Sam Peckinpah and talk radio host Neal Boortz in the same cast. Directed by sometime Fellini actor Giulio Paradisi (billed here as “Michael J. Paradise” — groan) and produced by Ovidio “Direct to Ovidio” Assonitis, it's equal parts The Omen and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and 150 percent jaw-droppingly weird. Capitalizing on Franco Micalizzi's original score, Nilbog — a band that boasts former/current members of local noise-punk bands Captain Ahab, Anavan and Rose for Bohdan — adds its sonic thumbprint to Micalizzi's finer synthesized points. So forget everything you know about greatness and hide your stop signs of tastefulness, because Nilbog is going to knock them all down!

Tue., March 29, 8 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly