The Heal Institute: How an Orthopedic surgeon birthed a revolutionary business for heel pain

Dr. Alexis E. Dixon specializes in one of the most complex areas of the human skeletal system—the foot and ankle —and becoming an expert in this part of the body requires many years of training, education, and dedication. As an Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Dr. Dixon has been known to exceed expectations when dealing with patients. The fact that she’s one of the very few women in Orthopedic Surgery is an added draw for many patients. Her expertise in bunion surgery might make her suitable, but it was her unique innovation that allowed her to found her own treatment facility for heel pain, ‘The Heal Institute’.

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The board-certified surgeon graduated valedictorian—with Highest Distinction—of her medical school class at the University of Southern California. She also completed her Orthopaedic Surgery residency at USC, with a significant amount of training at the Los Angeles County Medical Center—one of the largest and busiest trauma centers in the United States.

With an educational background like hers, it’s no surprise that Dr. Alexis Dixon embodies the representation of an Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon.

From a early in her medical career, Dr. Alexis Dixon has had a particular interest in bunion surgery, a subject she has published and lectured on internationally. She found that bunions have a bad reputation, as most of the surgeries done to treat bunions remove bone, ignoring the complexity of reconstruction. Her mission was to help turn that bad reputation of “bunionectomy” into a positive one by learning innovative treatment methods. As a result, she was able to do just that. The bunion surgery Dr. Dixon performs today reconstructs the foot but removes no bone. That’s right. Not a single piece of bone gone.

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How is she able to do this? Well, Dr. Dixon recognizes that the bunion is an angular deformity of the great toe, and not an abnormal bone growth. Therefore, it’s not necessary for anything to be removed during surgery. According to Dr. Dixon, these procedures are coined “bone-sparing bunion surgery”, and her business is committed to this kind of work.

Bunion surgery is a common procedure often done suboptimally when done by someone other than a Board Certified Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon. There are over 100 different types of bunion surgeries, and many are outdated yet still performed in Los Angeles. Dr. Dixon offers only the most effective of these procedures to her patients.

Dr. Dixon understands the need to wear visually appealing shoes, just as much as she understands the need for minimal scarring. Over the years, the Marina del Rey-based surgeon has lectured physicians internationally. Her extensive courses cover bunion surgery, the dangers of women’s footwear, sports injuries, and how to minimize damage to the feet while continuing to be fashionable.

She truly cares for her patients, taking particular care of their ankle fractures, foot fractures, and tendon ruptures around the foot and ankle—including the Achilles tendon.

With one in ten people experiencing heel pain at some point in their life, Dr. Dixon takes an innovative approach to treat the pain.

“Stretching alone is often inadequate.” says the board-certified surgeon in a recent interview with our sources. “Injections in the heel risk loss of the fat pad cushion of the heel or tendon rupture, both leading to chronic disability and pain” she added. Another important statement she made alluded to the fact that heel pain surgery isn’t as helpful as people think. “Surgery for heel pain requires significant down-time for recovery, and may not be effective.  I feel that patients deserve better.”

Dr. Dixon noted that patients with heel pain often have years of recurrent pain that cannot be solved in one office visit.  She founded The Heal Institute specifically with patients who have heel pain in mind, so that their complex issues can all be addressed.  With so many limitations in treatment of heel pain, her approach requires the latest technology. “We have noninvasive technology with radiofrequency to treat heel pain by stimulating collagen and elastin production.” As said by Dr. Dixon, this treatment is pain-free, requires no anesthetic, and patients notice results immediately—with no down time.

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At The Heal Institute, Dr. Dixon’s treatment center located in Marina del Rey, California, they focus on the newest non-invasive ways to relieve common heel conditions. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of persistent pain.

According to a large number of online reviews, the treatment facility delivers exceptional service to every person who walks in their office.

“We have a beautiful office and waiting room in Marina del Rey customized specifically for Foot and Ankle patients.” Another statement by Dr. Alexis E. Dixon, which proves why she plays a significant role in Orthopedic Surgery. Not only is she one of the few women in her field (most recent analysis shows that only 7.4% of Orthopedic Surgeons are women), but also one of the most considerate Foot and Ankle Surgeons to-date.

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It makes sense that her treatment center is doing so well. The success of The Heal Institute speaks for itself. Visit their website: and check out the raving reviews. Don’t forget to give the friendly staff a call and get your appointment scheduled.  For foot and ankle pain other than heel pain, please visit

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