Universal pays tribute to Hollywood legends Mae West, Marlene Dietrich and Carole Lombard with three separate box sets dubbed “Glamour Collections.” What’s so glamorous about jamming up to six films on two double-sided discs with barely a thought given to menus and packaging is hard to say. Less clear still is why glamour is the adjective used to encapsulate three actresses who, while no doubt glamorous, helped to expand the possibilities for female characters beyond mere eye candy to be rescued or won over. West naturally leads the field on that score, with five films — Night After Night (1932), I’m No Angel (1933), Goin’ to Town (1935), Go West Young Man (1936) and My Little Chickadee (1940) — that neatly summarize her career arc from pre-code taboo buster to clipped courtesan. The Dietrich collection drips with Josef von Sternberg’s familiar exotica — Morocco (1930), Blonde Venus (1932) and The Devil Is a Woman (1935) — along with René Clair’s Flame of New Orleans (1941) and Mitchell Liesen’s Golden Earrings (1947). While both the West and Dietrich sets come front-loaded with well-known classics, the Carole Lombard set follows the road less traveled, with six minor works new to DVD that yield some surprising finds, among them True Confession (1937), which reunites Lombard with her Twentieth Century co-star John Barrymore in a battle-of-the-genders courtroom comedy that set the stage for Adam’s Rib.

—Paul Malcolm

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