For the latest edition of The Garden Glance, we traveled north to visit Lumpy’s Flowers.

The farm’s namesake grower and breeder leads a group of family and friends at the bootstrapped operation that never took any outside support, it’s all theirs. Their efforts have always been backboned by great unique flavors, and in their third and largest facility to date, they are pumping out more heat than ever.

Here is a Look at Lumpy’s Flowers. Most of the photos are by me but Chewberto took an awesome shot of Sour Apple Haze I included.

20220526 141058

It all starts with flipping the rooms over for their next runs. This room will soon be filled with life.

20220526 141142

Before they could fill that room it all started here in the mother plants. These plants hold Lumpy’s genetics. Cuttings from here will eventually make their way to vegetation and then flower once they are properly rooted.

20220526 140932

A vegetation room down the hall shows where the plants are beefed up before flowering.

20220526 140853

Once the plants begin to flower the rooms are filled with the unique noses Lumpy’s is known for.

20220526 141534

A massive water system feeds the plants in each room.

Apple Fritter

The Apple Fritter was the most famous flavor over the years. But a wave of imitations has seen them work. further down the apple line to hunt new flavors.

lumpysoct2020 9254

Sour Apple Haze, as photographed here by the great Chewberto, is a favorite flavor these days for the Lumpy’s team. The only nose that came close to it recently on haziness was some legit Piff we ran into last week.

20220526 141830

The Lumpy’s team explained while they could stack their drying room higher, the rolling racks allow the plant to be minimally handled as opposed to transferring to a hanging system similar to the one they have on the right.

20220526 141955

More plants work their way to the perfect moisture level.

20220526 141754

A neon sign glows down the hallway that connects the cultivation wing of the facility.



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