For the latest edition of the Garden Glance, we’re taking a peek into the grow rooms of Ember Valley.

The Redding-based company, deep in NorCal, has done well in recent years. They’ve grown generally good pot, but a few of their selections have not only stood out but stood the test of time.

When we visited Nabis earlier this week to see a facility expected to do $300 million in sales a year have its ribbon-cutting ceremony, we had a chance to chat with the Nabis team before proper festivities kicked off. Obviously, we asked what’s popular, and were immediately hit with a rebuttal that placed Ember Valley as one of the most popular of the facility’s names.

Here is a peek at their operation.

For our first look at Ember Valley’s garden, we have two of the biggest names in their lineup. Over the past couple years, Peanut Butter Breath on the right has become can’t miss cannabis, but that’s not to take away from the Kush Cake on the right. The Kush Cake is among the finest of the new offerings from Ember Valley.

On closer inspection, you can see the darker tone of the resin-soaked buds that are among some of the finest in Ember Valley’s collection that includes the likes of their Kush Mints variant Ember Mints, a great MAC, and the always popular Watermelon Gelato.

Here are some fresher plants in flower. The plants in vegetation are beefed up before they change the light cycle over and they start producing flowers. After the growers flip the light cycle, they’ll be ready to chop in about 8 weeks, but some crazy sativas can run up to 12 or 14. One of the reasons you don’t see a lot of hyper-exotic indoor landrace sativas is electric bills.

Another strain that has survived the genetics overhauls at Ember Valley over the years is Now and Laters. The sativa-leaning blend is one of those dark flavor-packed purples you don’t see a lot of. As Ember Valley has added new flavors to their profile, it’s no surprise this one stuck around.

Ember Valley has got its hands on one of the hottest strains of the moment, and as with their other representations of popular heat, we think it’s full of potential. One of the things that stands out about Ice Cream Cake is how well people are able to do with it. It’s great award-winning genetics, and the worst version I ever saw was from a greenhouse and still a B.

METRC tags are the gateway to the legal market for cannabis grown in California. The tag represents the state’s robust track and trace system meant to prevent cannabis from being diverted out of state, among a variety of other inventory control purposes. Every legal plant in California now has a METRC tag that looks like this one.

Do Si De Leche brings together some real deal heat for your enjoyment. Half of its genetic lineage derives from the Dulce De Leche that includes Cream Caramel, Maple Leaf and a Russian ruderalis strain. The Do Si is of course the GSC lineage that traces back to the OGKB NorCal_Icmag saved all those years ago.

You can’t do it without moms! These larger mother plants are grown out to help preserve genetics and take cuttings that will then be propagated into even more plants meant to provide starter plants to Ember Valley’s large facility.

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