Former LA Weekly cover boys, The Freak Brothers, are teaming up with Weedmaps for in-episode integrations for cannabis enthusiasts, starting with the launch of Season 2 today. 

The Freak Brothers have been getting laughs out of cannabis enthusiasts the world over for 55 years. Thanks to WTG Enterprises, the producer of The Freak Brothers and Fox’s streaming platform Tubi, more people than ever have access to the trio’s cannabis-fueled adventures alongside their talking cat. 

The production value of the first season was way beyond most cartoons. In addition to great animation, the voice cast featured Woody Harrelson, John Goodman, Pete Davidson, Tiffany Haddish, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Andrea Savage, La La Anthony and ScHoolboy Q. All of those big names are returning and they’ll be adding Joe Sikora to the mix for a special guest appearance.

Weedmaps, one of the most recognizable names in cannabis, is obviously hyped to be in this effort to help further cannabis into the mainstream. The announcement noted the actual partnership itself will consist of in-episode integrations in the new season, as well as exclusive “Smoke & Screen” events throughout the U.S., bringing together industry influencers and tastemakers at the intersection of cannabis and entertainment.

“We know comedy has the power to influence culture, and we are excited to partner with The Freak Brothers to amplify our message that weed is something to be celebrated,” said Randa McMinn, chief marketing officer at Weedmaps. “Since our company’s founding, Weedmaps has been committed to elevating stoner culture everywhere, challenging outdated stereotypes and bringing the plant to the forefront of mainstream conversations. Now, 15 years later, to see the Freak Brothers’ characters themselves embrace Weedmaps as their ‘go to’ for weed in the series is indicative of society’s broader acceptance of the plant and the industry at large.” 

The team that brought Gilbert Shelton’s creation to the small screen has no qualms about the brothers using Weedmaps to get their hands on their next score. 

“Embracing the essence of stoner culture before it was mainstream, Freak Brothers and Weedmaps are united in blazing the trail toward a more inclusive and enlightened cannabis landscape” said Greg Goldner, chief  brand & strategy officer of The Freak Brothers. “We’re excited about this partnership as it’s a convergence of the psychedelic past and the digital present, where entertainment meets connection through a shared love for cannabis, while helping shape a future where cannabis culture thrives unapologetically.” 

The antics for Season 2 look to be right on par with The Freak Brothers’ previous adventures in adapting to the modern era following a 50-year nap in San Francisco. The creators noted when announcing the deal that this season will include The Freak Brothers hitting their high school reunion, a match of wits with Mark Zuckerberg, settling old scores with Mitch McConnell, and battling Seth Rogen in a Pot Brownie Bake-Off contest.

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WTG develops media across multiple platforms from its Beverly Hills office. WTG was founded by studio executives and Hollywood producers Courtney Solomon and Mark Canton and led alongside veteran entertainment executive Greg Goldner.

Back before the rights were secured, Solomon spent months trying to find Gilbert Shelton. After six months of searching for Shelton, Solomon was able to track down Shelton to the outskirts of Paris thanks to his lawyer of 47 years. “Super nice guy named Manfred, and he set up the meeting and I flew out to Paris and spent a couple of days with Gilbert,” Solomon told L.A. Weekly in 2020.

The Freak Brothers Season 2 is free to watch on Tubi. And be sure to keep an eye out for special offers from WeedMaps during the episode. 



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