Does your New Year's resolution have you up against a wall yet? Introducing the Fooducate app, an app available for iPhones that helps the average food consumer shop for grocery foods. The app works like a scanner; it scans the barcode of foodstuffs and immediately produces a nutritional breakdown in layman's terms, highlighting things like the tablespoons of sugar per serving and hidden trans fats not shown on the nutrition facts.

Reaching for that guilty pleasure all the way in the back of your pantry? According to a recent scan of Pilsbury's Creamy Supreme Milk Chocolate, it will cost you “5 tsp of sugars per serving” and also “contains controversial artificial colors.”

There are specialty foods that are not part of the database yet. Sorry guys, no truthful rundown on that can of garbanzos from Fresh & Easy yet. But the platform makes it really easy for you to add it yourself and help your fellow Fooducate classmates.

There are two versions available on iTunes: a free app with ads and an app without ads and a couple of extra perks for $3.99.

LA Weekly