Few holidays give you the opportunity to get your family lit as Thanksgiving, and L.A. Weekly wants you to be as prepared as possible this year with a full lineup of edibles that checks all the boxes. 

Preparing for the festivities on the eve of the holiday, or Green Wednesday, as the cannabis public relations world would prefer I call it, has become a ritual that’s starting to get on par with days like 4/20 or the oil holiday 7/10. Statewide delivery service Eaze reported seeing a 136 percent increase in deliveries on Green Wednesday last year compared to a typical Wednesday in 2018. 

Those enthusiasm levels will transition over to dispensary lines without a doubt, and you definitely won’t want to be one of those lookie-loos come Green Wednesday. The glaring eyes of people standing in line while you have the concept of a brownie explained to you will feel like little daggers hitting you in the back. 

The last thing we want to do is put you in that situation. So with this list, we’ll cover a lot of the essentials, and some new things sure to take your family by surprise this holiday season. 

(Courtesy of Kiva)

Turkeys Are Dosed Edibles Now: Kiva Gravy

In an absolute milestone for cannabis edibles, Kiva is entering new territory with its fast-acting Kiva Gravy. It’s only 10 milligrams per package, so you won’t have to worry about anyone not making it to dessert unless they’re one of the greatest lightweights of all time. According to Kiva, the rapid onset of effects is due to a new process that makes the cannabinoids small enough to be absorbed directly into the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, one molecule at a time. They claim the gravy is the fastest-acting and has the most bioavailable cannabinoids of any product on the market today. 

Best Chewy Treat: Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

The cannabis gummies space is as saturated as anywhere else in the market, without a doubt. Numerous cannabis-infused fruit chews now vie for the affection of pot candy enthusiasts. As with all edibles in California, there really isn’t a battle for value anymore because of strict THC limits on all products. That makes flavor among the biggest factors when choosing a gummy these days, and in that regard, we’re hard-pressed to name anything that taste’s more exciting than Kanha’s Hybrid Watermelon Gummies. When you open the 100 milligram bag, it smells like you just unwrapped a piece of Watermelon Bubblicious and tastes like it too. 

(Courtesy of Goodmints)

Best Escape Pills: Goodmints 4:1

What?! Grandma ate too many gummies?! Fear not, because we do not live in an age where if you accidentally feed your relative too much pot you have to sit with them for four hours waiting for them to come down. There are a lot of options in this regard, and we recommend a pack of Goodmints. You can just keep a pack of the CBD heavy mints in your pocket as opposed to explaining Aunt Sally you brought a bottle of tincture in case anyone’s face starts to melt. We as a species bred CBD out of our pot for millennia. That’s because it doesn’t get you high and ruins much of the psychoactive experience, but now it’s come full circle to help us with the people we accidentally get too high.

There Won’t Be Any Left for Santa Next Month: Big Pete’s Peanut Butter Sativa 100-milligram THC 10-pack

The most traditional holiday classic of anything on the list, cookies are a timeless option for those that want something a little sweet after dinner, and they are certainly better with weed in them. There are a lot of cookie options, but Santa Cruz mainstays Big Pete’s have been providing their baked creations statewide since back in the day when half of us were pretending we had insomnia. While the Petes they’re a father and son team do have a holiday option, it’s tough to not pick the ridiculously delicious peanut butter cookies they whip up. They’re a sativa too, so it should keep you awake through any boring out-of-conference NFL games.   

(Courtesy of Om)

Best Utility Option: Om Olive oil

The ladies of Om Edibles continue to raise the bar with their wide lineup of products that have won every major competition that exists in cannabis. From High Times in Jamaica to Chalice locally and The Emerald Cup up north, any cannabis company would kill to be able to produce just one product that earns this kind of street cred. We’re looking at one of their most classic options. Om’s Olive Oil is the perfect thing for those who would rather whip something up themselves rather than grab something off store shelves. All the great stuff you can do with olive oil you can do with this product, and if you’re feeling lazy just dip warm bread in it. 

What to eat after you escape: Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake at Lowell Cafe

After a long day with family, people are going to be battling for a spot at the Lowell Cafe. We figure you’re going to be pretty packed with turkey and stuffing, but you may want to skip town before your family busts out dessert and grab a slice of Fruity Pebbles cheesecake at the Lowell Cafe. We called to double-check and they’ll definitely be open for the holiday. So if you’re in a situation where you and your cousins can’t puff until after dinner, you can just spend the whole time plotting what you’ll smoke when you get to West Hollywood. 

The Classic: TKO Brownie 

For many years, homemade brownies made with cannabis-infused butter were the first thing that would pop in people’s minds when they hear the word edible. The world of cannabis edibles is a lot more diverse than those days, but brownies are certainly still the top baked good in the game. The team at TKO Products had been known for their rendition of the chocolate cake squares with no frosting for quite some time. One of the things that helps the process is TKO is also an extract company, so they’re sourcing the best materials with exceptional cannabinoid profiles to give their products a real kick. 

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