It’s time to start preparing for the 7/10 festivities this weekend, and we’ve got a lineup of products sure to help you make the most of the hashiest of holidays.

More so than most aspects of cannabis, concentrates are closely associated with accessories and the latest and greatest tech. And it’s certainly been fun to watch.

We’re only 13 years removed from the invention of the first generation of skillets that evolved to glass-domed nails. Then we went with electronic titanium surfaces before moving to the quartz buckets that generally remain king, apart from the headiest of dabbers that have moved on to terp slurpers.

And did we mention the lasers?

Here are some great options to simplify your 7/10 this year:

Higher Standards Mini Beaker Set

Photo courtesy of Higher Standards

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker Set is likely the top of the mountain for entry-level dab rigs below the $150 price point. This makes it the perfect gift for the novice dabber you want to see make their way to the top. There are other sets out there that include torches and whatnot, but we’re willing to bet the farm this is close to, if not the best, quality of American-made glass you’ll see in the price point.

Formula 710 Cleaning Kit

Photo courtesy of Formula 710

Going into the holiday with clean glass is essential. Showing up to sesh with the homies on 7/10 with dirt glass makes you look worse than the dude who showed up with the custie live resin. The Formula 710 Cleaning Kit provides a ton of accessories to help prevent you from scoring too many wook points. The kit includes the Advanced Cleaner, Instant Cleaner, one set of cleaning caps, one plug set and one set of soft cleaners.

Mini Fridge

Miniature fridges designed to hold six cans of soda are the perfect hash storage system for your workplace. Now don’t get me wrong, they are no cryofridge and don’t completely freeze the product. Nevertheless, they certainly slow down the degradation of your terps to allow for maximum enjoyment way longer than leaving them on your coffee table. This one works awesome and is next to my desk as I type this.

Bulk Glob Mops

Photo courtesy of Glob Mops

If the zombies came tomorrow, would you have enough Glob Mops to get you through the holiday? You should always be prepared, and in this case, we highly recommend ordering bulk direct. For just $30 bucks you’ll be prepared to clean out your next 1,800 dabs. And if you’re getting a new Puffco Peak Pro for the holiday, the atomizers aren’t as smooth on the surface as the original and eat up regular q-tips. But Glob Mops are wound much tighter and you’ll have no issue.

Silicone Kitchen Mats

Giant silicone table mats are the bee’s knees if you’re a big-time dabber. They protect your table from any drippage so you don’t have to use alcohol, which isn’t always the best for the finish on the table’s surface. They also generally look cool and are easy to clean with a paper towel and some ISO. This 2×2 one is a great start, but there are even bigger options out there.

Puffco Hot Knife


Photo courtesy of Puffco

As we noted in our Father’s Day Guide, because we simply could not wait for this list and risk those rascals at Forbes beating us to announcing something cool, the Puffco’s heated loading tool will probably have the biggest impact on the game this year after their new flagship vaporizer. The tool makes working with troublesomely sticky batter a thing of the past. You just hold it over wherever you want the hash to go and press the button. Science is dope.

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