The last time we heard recorded work from Entrance, the project comprised a lone longhaired bluesman with Baltimore roots and a home base in Chicago. Much has changed since the Tee Pee Records release of 2006's heavy, stoned stomper Prayer Of Death. Frontman Guy Blakeslee has upped the flowing mane quotient, for one, inducting drummer Derek W. James and A Perfect Circle/Zwan bassist Paz Lenchantin into the group. The renamed Entrance Band calls Los Angeles its home, and is releasing its upcoming LP sorta-debut, The Entrance Band, on September 1 via Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! (which has licensed it to Universal Records).

A recent press release claims “the three players have committed to the full realization of the power trio,” which seems to be true if the below MP3, “Lookout!”, is any indication (and it is – we've heard the rest of the record). Overall, things are a little less heavy this time around, but still stony to the core and, well, more band-y. The album was recorded mostly live at Alhambra's Infrasonic Studio with RTX producer Nadav Eisenman. The Entrance Band is currently touring the States, and is set to play The Troubadour on September 23.


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