The e-States X Factor: Matthew Schneider’s Vision for Transforming Commercial Real Estate

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Matthew Schneider of e-States commercial real estate solutions wants to talk about the X Factor.

“When you look at other companies in the commercial real estate space—and there’s too many making this mistake—you see a lack of engagement in the lifecycle of a property,” said Matthew, the e-States CEO. “I always use the analogy that we’re connecting the dots. And that’s our magic, as opposed to being just another incomplete, peripheral software product. There are niche solutions out there, but that isolation causes inefficiency and increases human error. It doesn’t allow you to utilize information, because everything has to be contextualized.

“And so what we realized is that we’re able to provide multiple tools in the same place, consolidating information and allowing it to properly integrate, whether it’s fundraising, property management, or investor relations. We’re putting that all in the same platform. That’s a major strength for our property owners. Now they’re able to make sense of data. This is the X Factor.”

Making sense of the data means e-States customers can recognize trends and communicate with ease.

“And then, of course, when we tie the technological components of that work with AI, to synthesize information, we can optimize returns and communication even further,” Matthew said. “It’s really exciting, because we haven’t really seen something like this in commercial real estate. We’ve seen it in other industries.”

There’s a reason, Matthew said, that everyone loves HubSpot.

“And that’s because everything is interlinked,” he said. “And when you have that, you become super powerful. There’s a multiplication factor from components working in harmony—in other words, having these operations in sync is far better than balancing several different, detached software solutions. This is what enables better transparency and returns. We’re fundamentally helping to run these properties more efficiently. That’s a win for everyone across the board, whether you’re a tenant, investor, or the property owner. We’re adding value far beyond just the sum of our products.”

The e-States online platform is designed to democratize commercial real estate and unlock it for the masses while strengthening communities.

Requiring just a minimum $500 investment, e-States uses blockchain technology and AI to tokenize assets and streamline administrative responsibilities. The end result is an easing of the managerial workload, thus encouraging property owners to bring on additional investors.

e-States establishes a new relationship between property owners and investors. With a streamlined investment process and cutting-edge technology, investors will find unrivaled trust, efficiency, and convenience on the e-States marketplace. Digital ownership offers newfound transparency, security, efficiency, automation, and liquidity.

Regarding AI and its relationship to e-States, Matthew said the sweet spot lies in how data is managed.

“In commercial real estate, everything is composed of data, whether it’s asset information, tenant information, market trends, fundraising information, maintenance, whatever it might be,” he said. “All of that is composed of data points, and data points create trends. Trends can be analyzed by a computer far more efficiently than a person. And so what we start to do is we look at, well, what’s the market doing? Or, how has this property performed historically? And we can make predictions as to what the annual return might be in 12 months; or what the typical tenant behavior might be; what needs to be repaired and how we fix that before it breaks down and becomes a major cost.”

Taking any commercial real estate data point and analyzing it within the context of a trend allows property owners and investors to act ahead of time, and that typically saves money.

“We’re looking into the future,” Matthew said. “As the next generation of commercial real estate, we’re always forward-facing.”

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