A lot of the heat will be gone by the time Green Wednesday arrives, that’s a promise.

At its core, Green Wednesday is appealing particularly to those aiming to treat their grandmothers to THC-infused gummies on Thanksgiving. Look out for my upcoming Green Wednesday list; I’ll have it ready next week.

But let’s refocus on our community—the enthusiasts on the quest for the most exceptional quality. We’re not about to risk approaching Turkey Day without securing a few of the most potent strains Angelinos can get their hands on. It’s part of our daily routine, no matter the distractions of dealing with Uncle Bob’s possibly anticapitalist behavior while asking him to pass the cranberry sauce.

And the idea of waiting until Wednesday? Absolutely not. The real premium stuff will likely have vanished by then, snatched up by early birds that knew they would need some real hitters to deal with the family. Even worse about waiting? Around 80% of the deals on Green Wednesday belong in a dumpster fire. They’re just waiting on shelves for their sucker who sees the sale sign. Dont let that be you.

So, let’s dive into a comprehensive rundown of some of our beloved LA shops and their holiday offerings:

Peace of Green

Capulator’s base camp is an absolute gem among dispensaries, often flying under the radar but it rivals all the little boutique shops. Keep an eye out for Cap’s collaboration with Seed Junky; the Cap Junky might just be the gassiest creation I’ve seen from either company. It’s one of my favorite Los Angeles bred flavors in recent memory.

The Jungle Boys

TLC and The Jungle Boys have some mind-blowing deals ahead of the holiday. The 10-gram smalls are an absolute steal, worth maneuvering through the usual hustle and bustle of TLC to get your hands on. Another reason to not wait until Wednesday is the fact TLC, and the other locations, will probably be packed.

Cookies Maywood

Maywood stands out in growing the best Cookies weed. Maywood shines in delivering that classic Cookies hype backed by real flavors bred or hunted in the same building as the shop. The only Cookies flower I’ve seen nicer than what comes out of Maywood was a pheno hunt given to me by the Powerzzzup team. The house flower line remains an awesome deal too.

The Woods

The Woods is a unique spot where you can smoke your flowers right after making your purchase. I’d highly recommend trying the CAM. While there might be pricier options, nothing beats the punch of the finest female-grown weed in the country. Anna’s take on Zoap is pure dynamite and the nicest I’v seen outside of its birthplace in Oakland. CAM’s Biscotti BX1 is stupid fire too, keep an eye out for it.


When Elliott Lewis isn’t trying to convince us that cops are trapping or opening another dispensary, the Catalyst CEO curates one of the most exceptional menus in California. Their flower quality has remained consistently top-notch, even after the split from Connected years ago. It’s easy to understand why Lewis is seemingly opening a shop every few weeks.


LAX I’m not particularly inclined towards vape cartridges, but the undeniable hype surrounding Stiiizy has garnered a devoted following—almost like a horde of Stiiizy enthusiasts. Their flower offerings are reasonably good considering the price. Dismissing the value in Stiiizy products is out of touch and a lot of people are really thankful to have access to them.


Sometimes equity brands without cultivation might face challenges in accessing top-tier flower. Yet, Gorilla’s acquisition of Moroccan Peaches had me exhilarated. And when Jon Cappetta from High Times praised it, I knew I had to go all-in. Moroccan Peaches is the real deal. Keep an eye out for it and run down to Crenshaw to get your hands on some.


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