And because Denver is the farthest west of today's games they get the latest start, scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., Mountain Standard Time. The problem is that series has already been delayed a day by bad weather. As I write this mid-day here in L.A., it's just below freezing in Denver. The forecast is for a high of 47, but I don't think it'll reach that mark. Oh, and there's supposed to be freezing drizzle. By game time, it will certainly be in the 30s, if not lower.
But the TV networks have to maximize their profits, so they won't adjust the schedule to make things easier for the teams or their fans–both in the stadium and at home. (You think Philly fanatics are happy about watching their boys with a 10 p.m. start?; Look for a lot of sick days being used tomorrow in the City of Brotherly Love.)  

Of course, Fox–which will broadcast the World Series–is hoping for a Dodgers/Yankees matchup. That would be a ratings bonanza. But, this year will see the latest start ever for the World Series: Oct. 28. Game 4 is slated for Nov. 1–the first time the Fall Classic will extend into the same month as Thanksgiving. If Fox's dream matchup happens, playing night games in NY in late October/early November won't be any fun.

So, if you're a baseball purist who doesn't like to see weather affect how the game is played, then the dream matchup would be a Freeway Series between the Dodgers and the Angels. Or the Dodgers vs. the Twins, where the Metrodome is having its last hurrah. But I don't imagine the Twinkies are going to come back from a two-game deficit and beat the Yankees three straight. If they somehow pull off that miracle and then win the AL championship and get to the World Series, let's say versus the Rockies, Fox Sports execs will be looking for the nearest, highest roof to leap from.
Dammit. I had just written a long item about the Red Sox not rolling over in Fenway, but then closer Jonathan Papelbon blew their 9th inning lead. Final score: Angels win 7-6. So, Angels' manager Mike Scioscia doesn't have to worry about starting another lefty in Fenway in Game 4, which would have opened him up to all sorts of second-guessing. And now the Angels have exorcised the Red Sox demons from years past. And we're now one step closer to that Freeway Series.

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