It is classic Daily Show. An intrepid Christiane Amanpour type diving into a roiling human rights stew. A few foils setting themselves up for easy ridicule with every utterance. A righteous skewering of extremely small-scale activism-gone-absurd in the land of $1,000 strollers. Samantha Bee brings viewers to the heart of the Park Slope Food Co-op's Israel problem. For those who haven't seen it, until a few days ago, the Brooklyn co-op was being torn asunder by members advocating that the store no longer stock products from Israel and those standing against the proposition.

Watch the video. The interviewed advocate tells Bee, “Good shouldn't come at the expensve of human rights.” Bee responds: “They're going to look directly to food co-ops.” A spokeswoman for More Hummus, Please, an organization dedicated to keeping the handful of Israeli products sold at the co-op on the shelves, claims the members in favor of a ban hope “to end Israel as a Jewish state” — an effort, Bee notes, that can start through “the medium of couscous.” Hope for a “two-shelf solution,” she says, sadly, doesn't seem likely.

On Monday night, however, the issue was resolved — for now. Nearly 2,000 co-op members reportedly gathered and cast their votes. The result? By a margin of 1,005 to 653, the hummus shall remain.

LA Weekly