Michael Stipe, Rachel Maddow, Anne Meara and Roseanne have been guests on Wake Up World , the morning show spoof that's “America's only six-hour morning show” from Lizz Winstead and her comedy ensemble Shoot the Messenger. Though based in New York,. Winstead and Co. bring their show to the land of vapid starlets and Dr. Phil for two special installments.

What inspired Wake Up World?

There are 23 hours of these shows on every day. I kept seeing four-minute segments like “Jewelry that makes your butt look smaller”and “Christian diet books!”Add to that actual teases like, “Coming up in this hour, breast cancer survivors and Cajun cookin'!”I thought to myself, “Oh my God, these people are soooo stretching to fill three hours of airtime and will find a way to sexify and commoditize even the most important stories. Just last week, I was watching CNN's morning show and they did an economic story that focused on how people cheating on their spouses are economizing by having sex in their cars and NOT in motel rooms.”And now that The Today Show has given us Kathie Lee for a fourth hour? Morning shows seemed ripe for satire.

What do you have planned for L.A. shows?

It wouldn't be a good morning show if we didn't focus on those who have lost the most in the economic crisis: Those who have the most. Many are suffering as they find themselves going from “Super Rich”,to “Marginally wealthy.”

We have a heterosexual rights activist coming on to tell her heartwrenching story. Our consumption advocate will show us some fun new healthcare gadgets for the uninsured, and we'll also have up to the minute news, and of course a few celebrity cameos!

The Wake Up World moniker is, “Half the content, twice the time.”You will get a little information on a lot of topics, delivered with marginal accuracy.

What are your goals for Wake Up World ?

Simple. To find a home somewhere on your television dial! To make it as easy as possible for buyers, we have created two versions of the show they can choose from. Version 1 is the live multi-camera straight up morning show satire, a la Daily Show or Colbert, that we will be performing at the Steve Allen Theater. Version 2 is a single camera pilot we shot that is the morning show with the addition of behind-the-scenes inner workings of how all these awful segments actually get on the air. Buyers can look at both versions and decide YES! on one of them.

Who would be your dream guests on Wake Up World ?

It would be great to have Prince to play in our “Outback Back Alley concert series”or to have Mario Batali prepare a quick and simple spotted owl pate.

You co-created The Daily Show — do you watch it?

Of course. I watch it, I go see tapings, I love those guys.

What do you like to do when in L.A.?

Eat at In N Out; see a show at McCabes' visit all the dogs of my friends, and take a few yoga classes with Seane Corn.

Craig Kilborn said to Esquire about you, “If I wanted her to blow me, she would”I always thought he was an asshole. Comment?

Nope. I only talk about guys who want me to blow them.

Proustian interview section, a la Vanity Fair: When and where are you

n my kitchen cooking for people I love or just hanging out with my family in Minnesota.

What are your three main rules to live by?

I never let anyone else define me. I am trying to make the world a better place than the one I entered. I surround myself with love: my friends, my family my co-workers, my animals.

What event from you childhood most affected your life?

There isn't one single event, but protesting the Catholic church at age 12 because girls couldn't be altar boys is pretty high up there.

As one Elizabeth to another — why two z's?

Kinda boring. Lived with a bunch of Liz's in college, a couple had last names that began with W. So in order to get phone messages, one was Liz, one Liz W, and I was Lizz. I just kept it.

Anything else you'd like to say to L.A. Weekly readers?

Come and see the show. It's only 10 bucks and the catharsis you will get from the humor we provide about the craptastic world we live in and the craptastic media that distorts it all is worth every penny. I promise. Swear on my dogs balls.

Tue., March 17, 8 p.m.; Wed., March 18, 8 p.m., 2009

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