The Daily Meal released a list today of the 35 best tacos in America, and our very own Ricky's Fish Tacos took the number one spot for his classic fish taco.

When reached for comment, Ricky's proprietor Ricky Piña was ecstatic. “It's a huge honor, especially because I have been able to come this far with a family tradition,” he said. “And I'm very proud to be able to contribute to L.A.'s great food world.”

As for the rest of The Daily Meal list, L.A. (rightfully) dominated, with six tacos overall. Tito's Tacos in Culver City came in at number four for the Tito's taco with cheese. Mexicali's carne asada taco is number 16, and Tacomendio in West L.A. is number 17 with their potato taco. Hugo's Tacos is number 21 for their carnitas taco, and Guisados cochinita pibil is number 35.

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Chicago has four tacos on the list, as does Austin, TX. In fact Texas was the winner on the state level, with 13 tacos on the list as opposed to seven in CA. While I'm apt to quibble with the numbered rankings of the L.A. spots (Guisados so low down??), it's overall not a bad list, though I will say that the Southeast is sadly underrepresented. The bulk of recent Mexican immigration to the U.S. has been to the Southeast, and apart from one (very good) Atlanta taco, the region is left out completely.

You can see The Daily Meal's entire list of tacos here. Congrats Ricky!

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