We warned you of the attempted word domination bid by Budweiser by way of beer earlier this month. The Justice Department had filed a lawsuit to block a merger between AB InBev and Grupo Modelo SAB by way of the former's purchase of the latter to the tune of $20.1 billion.

It seems this had some effect as AB InBev regrouped and came up with the offer to sell all Modelo beer brands — including Corona and Pacifico — in the U.S. and a Mexican brewery to Constellation Brands in order to address antitrust issues. And it seems to be working for now as both parties submitted a joint court filing two days ago to put the litigation on hold until Mar. 19.

It turns out that SABMiller might be the one closer to total global brew control than AB InBev. NPR's infographic in world map form details how often we're really just drinking from either AB InBev or SABMiller when we order various beers in different countries. We may have made inroads as the number of craft breweries have increased in the U.S., but alongside this the size of the two corporations have also expanded that much more.

The next time you find yourself having to choose between a Budweiser, Miller or Corona, know that at least your money is going to either one of two corporations or a New York-based company. Then again you could also scrap all three and drink local with brews from Eagle Rock Brewery, Golden Road Brewing, or Ohana Brewing Co.

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