Who decided to let David Cross write a book? Was that a good idea? Unless you've lived Artie Lange's life or have George Carlin's skill with language, it's never a good idea to let comics write (unless it's for an alt-weekly comedy issue). According to some, his new tome, I Drink For a Reason , “suffers from a lack of pacing, ineffectively clumping together essays about the absurd and the observed, which would have benefited from alternating subject matter. But the real problem is the humor doesn't translate well to the page” (The Canadian Press). And “much of the book feels tossed-off, and not just because the back third collects pieces that have run elsewhere” (the Onion AV Club). Still, Cross is performing live later this month and might appreciate you showing up for this bookstore appearance.

Thu., Sept. 17, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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