Sometimes all you need is a fruity drink served in a coconut shell to make everything better.

Calling itself “a tropical-kitsch dining experience,” The Coconut Club is the latest underground supper club to hit L.A., and its first set of pop-up dinners will be held on July 10 and 11.

For $100 apiece, 20 diners per seating will be treated to sophisticated takes on pan-Asian cuisine and an array of tropical cocktails. But there's a bit of theatrical flair, too: Each dish is presented with a faux-mythical backstory by the dinner's host, “the enigmatic Mr. Kurtz.”]

Individual pu pu platters come complete with tiny tiki torches.; Credit: Ray Lin

Individual pu pu platters come complete with tiny tiki torches.; Credit: Ray Lin

You can expect treats such as a pineapple pisco sour cocktail garnished with coconut shrimp; a pineapple-shaped Hawaiian roll with pineapple butter and salt-cured uni; the punnily named Chicken Tiki Marsala; and a volcano cake that, of course, is served on fire. In all, there will be about 18 items served, a combination of food and cocktails.

Credit: Ray Lin

Credit: Ray Lin

The Coconut Club is the creation of a trio of local talents: Andy Windak, also known as Chef Wind Attack, a private chef and caterer who started cooking after years working in the animation industry; Elana Lepkowski, cocktail consultant, tiki expert and award-winning blogger at Stir and Strain; and Nathan Hazard, a music-industry guy by day who moonlights as a cocktail consultant and co-hosts popular podcast The Table Set.

“The Coconut Club is an execution of my desire to go to a tiki bar with really great food,” Windak says. “Just imagine being able to enjoy a well-balanced, flavorful tiki drink and then soak it up with a really great meal. With theatrics and drama and flair. And things on fire!”

Both nights' dinners begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in downtown L.A. at the SEED Center. For tickets, click here and enter password “falernum.”

With only 40 seats available, these first dinners are sure to sell out pretty quickly. But fear not: The organizers say they're planning to make The Coconut Club a regular occurence, with the next set of dinners planned for August.

Pineapples, paper umbrellas and things on fire — how could you go wrong?

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