Christopher Dorner's online manifesto goes into great detail about the perceived injustices that prompted him to go on a killing rampage.

Experts consulted by the L.A. Daily News said the writing is indicative of an intelligent and opinionated man “whose mind has unraveled, likely due to mental illness, paranoia and possibly unresolved trauma.”
Another thing the manifesto makes clear is that Dorner is steeped in the jargon of military and police culture. Dorner uses at least 45 acronyms, usually without explaining what they mean. 
After the jump, a complete glossary of terms, from “POS” to “Camdean Victory”:

1920 rev BGE = 1920 Revolutionary Brigade, an Iraqi militia 
AAF = Anti-Afghanistan Forces 
AAR = After Action Report 
ACM = Anti-Coalition Militia 
AIF = Anti-Iraqi Forces 
AO = Area of Operations 
APC = Armored Personnel Carrier 
AQAP = Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula 
AQIM = Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb 
AQIZ = Al Qaida In Iraq – Zarqawi 
BDA = Battle Damage Assessment 
BOR = Board of Rights 
Camdean Victory = Should be Cadmean Victory, a victory that results in the victor's ruin
Centcomm = Central Command 
DA operations = Direct Action 
DR# = Departmental Record # Division of Report (report number) 
FOIA = Freedom of Information Act 
HUMINT = Human Intelligence 
IIR = Intelligence Information Reports 
IMINT = Image Intelligence 
ISR = Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance 
JAM = Jaish-al-Madhi (Madhi Army) 
JRIC = Joint Regional Intelligence Center 
KMA-367 = radio frequency formerly used by LAPD, used on license plates to indicate LAPD affiliation 
LAPFCU = Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union 
LAPPL = Los Angeles Police Protective League 
NAS Fallon = Naval Air Station Fallon, in Nevada 
NIPR = Non-classified Internet Protocol Router network 
NMITC Dam Neck = Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence and Training Center, Virginia
OIF/OEF = Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom 
ORM = Operational Risk Management 
OSINT = Open Source Intelligence 
POA = point of aim 
POI = point of impact 
POS = piece of shit 
PPR = Police Practice and Research (?) 
PSB = Professional Standards Bureau Public Safety Bureau, a division of the L.A. City Personnel Department 
RD = Reporting District residential development (?) 
SA-7 Manpads = Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (refers to Soviet-made rocket launcher)
TAC Alert = tactical alert 
TJ = Thomas Jefferson 
TS/SCI = Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmentalized Information 
TTP = Techniques Tactics and Procedures 
UC vehicles = undercover vehicles 
UOF = Use of Force
Readers are encouraged to correct or improve upon this glossary by leaving comments. 

Update: Thanks to those who submitted corrections.

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