Some moments in a melancholy U.K. interview with Mickey Rourke recall Madame Lyubov's encounter with Petya in The Cherry


“Why have you grown so ugly?” Lyubov asks the once-promising man. “Why do you look so old?”

Photo: gdgraphics

Rourke discusses the long road from pretty boy leading man to haggard has-been, a journey that culminated in his triumphant role in The Wrestler.  His reminiscence may well have given Petya a comeback to Lyubov's scolding questions.


10 years, you go, 'the party's over',” Rourke says. “And when time goes

by, you start to think, is it really over like everybody says it is?

Especially in a town like Los Angeles, where you're reminded every day

of being yesterday's news. You'll be buying cigarettes at two in the morning and someone is going

to say, 'What happened to you? How come you don't work any more?'”

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