The Chef's Library is a series in which we ask chefs around town to tell us about their favorite cookbooks. Today, we talk to David LeFevre, chef at M.B. Post.

“I have a kind of huge collection that spans a few shelves,” LeFevre admits. We asked him to choose a few that stand out in his mind.

For straightforward, seasonal cooking: “I like the Canal House cookbooks as a reference for simple, but not boring food that has soul.”

For baking: “Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson is great for showing anyone how to make breads in or out of a restaurant.”

For the science nerd side of cooking: “Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking gives interesting info on the “why” behind the technique.”

For motivation: “Ma Gastronomie, by Fernand Point, for the inspirational old school quotes that make you want to stay behind the stove.”

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