By Randall Roberts

The Burning Man, which was prematurely torched by burner-assassin Paul Addis

on Tuesday morning, has returned. This morning at about 11:30, a crane

lifted what is now known as the Spawn of Burning Man into its rightful place

at the center of Black Rock City. The soundtrack to the celebratory moment,

courtesy of an art car with a crystal-clear, blaring sound system? Not as

expected, a crappy trance track, nor “76 Trombones,” or “Anarchy in the UK.”

Rather, much of the fifteen-minute moment was honored with a ritualist

playing of, yes, “Freebird,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. As the dualing guitars

soloed and wailed, at least a few happy campers sang along: “Lord, I can't


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Photos by Charlie Evans

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