The Brothers Size homes in on a pair of brothers: Ogun (Gilbert Glenn Brown) owns an auto shop and is caring for his younger, parolee brother, Oshoosi (Matthew Hancock). Through the intervention of Oshoosi's jailhouse friend Elegba (Theo Perkins), Oshoosi finds himself a fugitive, sorely testing the love and loyalty between the siblings. Yet the story is far greater than its plot. It lies in the characters' gorgeous drift into song, and into segments of Kaplan's intoxicating choreography and, finally, into those wry moments when stage directions are narrated. Example: Ogun rages when he tells Oshoosi something, but Ogun has the coda, “smiling.” We don't see him smile at all. He looks royally pissed off, and the line gets a laugh. Yet somewhere perhaps, on some strata of Ogun's soul that's covered with muscle and tendons, he's smiling. It's something for us to imagine, or at least to consider. The muscular ensemble doesn't let up for a moment. This is sure to be one of the season's memorable productions.

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