Sunday marks the premiere of Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love, a reality show that follows five (pointedly) single women in Los Angeles as they go about their various food-related jobs. But, as there are so many television shows and so little time, maybe you need a little help deciding whether you should spend precious free hour(s) watching this show, or catching up on another drama instead. Like, maybe, Borgen, a Danish series about a fictional first female prime minster of Denmark. (KCET just started airing the second season of the series on Friday nights; the first season is available on DVD, and a few of the first season's episodes are still streaming online.)

As it turns out, Borgen series creator and writer Adam Price also happens to be (surprise!) a popular television show chef and restaurateur in Denmark. Essentially, then, you can watch food professionals create drama, or a drama created by a food professional. And this flowchart — along with Besha Rodell's review of Eat, Drink, Love — should give you a good idea of which show best suits your taste. Turn the page.

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