Strain: Phyllis
Rating: 5 buds

Smooth. Uplifting. Fluid. That’s how I’d describe Phyllis. Named after the iconic Phyllis Diller, this strain of highly potent sativa has her namesake’s wit and energy in spades. Everything about the experience with her is pleasant.

Unseal the bag and inhale her deep citrus aroma. Sprinkle a few buds on your hand and see their precise conical patterns, like miniature firs. The high is both cleansing and cerebral. Slow and fast. I felt an instant sense of positive energy on the inhale, and an immediate relaxation of my tired muscles on the exhale — something that I cannot say is true for most strains.

This weed will bring out your creativity. Try working on an important project, writing a few passages or sketching something on a notepad. You’ll be surprised at how much more effortless Phyllis makes the experience.

I’d only recommend this strain if you’re looking for an active, energetic high. Because with 25 percent or more THC content, it’s guaranteed to keep you stimulated for many hours of fun.

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