The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation Prepares for the Holidays–Looking for Partners and Donations for Upcoming Projects

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The holidays are all about giving, and as the season kicks off, The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation is excited to once again be launching several projects that focus on the spirit of kindness and generosity. The 7th Annual Wishlist Angels Campaign is a project that comes around once a year around Christmas and extends its reach to marginalized communities across the United States. This organization is actively looking for partnerships and donations to help their operations run smoothly.

Many marginalized, oppressed and prejudiced groups don’t often get to experience the holidays in the traditional ways. These times may not feel so merry and bright, as many of their wishes are not granted due to their family facing hardships. The Black Fairy Godmother will receive donations that they will then then distribute to those families in need.

The Wishlist Angels Campaign helps to provide a family in need the opportunity to present three “wishes” for The Black Fairy Godmother organization to grant. These wishes can range from groceries to new furniture. Some of the marginalized families represented and taken care of through this organization commonly ask for beds for their children, as 1 in 5 children live in poverty in the United States and many of those families cannot afford beds.

Poverty of oppressed and marginalized families is close to CEO and Founder of The Black Fairy Godmother, Simone Gordon’s heart. She expresses her excitement surrounding this upcoming campaign, which the organization runs every year. Gordon dedicates this time of year specifically to the company’s holiday campaigns to help make this season feel holly and jolly for underprivileged individuals.

The organization’s second holiday centered program will work alongside children’s shelters to host an event called Pancakes and PJs. The Black Fairy Godmother will provide these children’s shelters with a hot breakfast meal on Christmas morning, cooked by partnering chefs or restaurants. This program also provides children in the shelters with a toy of their choice, to therefore receive a gift on Christmas.

“Every child deserves to open a gift on Christmas,” says Simone. Her work through The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation focuses on bringing joy to children who may otherwise not experience the generosity and kindness of the Christmas season.

Sprinkles of Fairy Dust is the company’s third program, which will provide homeless families with housing before Christmas. The houses provided by Sprinkles of Fairy Dust will be fully furnished and serve as a new, primary resilience for a previously homeless family. The goal this year is for The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation to pair ten families with new homes before Christmas.

The holidays are also integral for The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation’s “adopt a family” campaign, in which people can apply to the foundation’s website to host a family in need for the holiday. This can include individuals who may need a meal and a place to stay, up to large families of five or more. The company has families who are willing to host fill out a questionnaire to determine how they can best partner up families with hosts.

These programs hosted by The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation come around once every year and work throughout the holiday season. The organization is excited to, once again, have a chance to provide several charitable campaigns where they can offer help and light to families in need.

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