Maude Lebowski: “What do you do for recreation?”

The Dude: “Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.”

This Friday, lovers of all things Lebowski can add eating to the list of Dude-like activities. That's because anyone who shows up at Beer Belly Friday night with either a) a Lebowski Fest ticket stub from the Wiltern, or b) a kick-ass Lebowski-themed costume (mad props to all you purple bowling ball-wielding Jesus Quintanas) gets 50% off their first beer, and the opportunity to stuff their face with chef Wesley Lieberher's special one-night-only Lebowski-themed menu. Enter The Big Lebrewski.

Sure, the imbibition of craft beer may not abide by strict Orthodox Dudeism, but Lieberher's dishes more than make up for it. The menu includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lingonberry Pancakes with White Russian Whipped Cream
  • “We'll Cut Off Your Johnson” Hot Dog with Nothing on It (toppings on the side)
  • “I Said NEAR the In-N-Out Burger” Animal Fries, Beer Belly Style
  • “You're Entering a World of Pain” Tapatio & Pickled Jalapeno Wings
  • “Obviously You're Not a Golfer” Risotto Balls with Roasted Corn Aoli

The only thing missing is a toe. With nail polish. Shomer Shabbos!

LA Weekly