We have a ton of great options for your 4/20 holiday festivities this year so we’ll get right into it!

The Flowers

Seed Junky Cake Batter

Courtesy of Seed Junky

In the hunt for more strains testing over 30% THC, some have sacrificed flavor. But the team at Seed Junky refuses to be about that life, every commercially viable hitter that comes out of their gardens must check every box on flavor and vigor, not just potency. In bringing together Kush Mints and Gelato, Cake Batter does just that. Expect to see a lot of it statewide, as Seed Junky continues to expand in 2022. 

CAM Mystery Machine

Courtesy of CAM

Mystery Machine is some of our favorite kind of pot here at L.A. Weekly, mystery bag seed! The team at CAM found the seed not knowing exactly what its parents are, but it’s heat, heat, heat. Anna from CAM told us she appreciated its doughy smell with hints of gasoline and candy. We do, too, not to mention it looks like a championship ring with all those diamonds, 

Compound Genetics Pink Certz

Courtesy of Sense Cannabis

While Red Bullz still is our hot pick for Compound Genetics, the now award-winning Pink Certz is quickly making a name for itself as Compound’s newest heater. The version that was hunted from seed by Sense Cannabis, in particular, is beginning to make waves all over. It recently took top honors at The Transbay Challenge 3 that I hosted in San Francisco, beating out some of the state’s biggest names. Expect the pairing of Grape Gas and The Menthol to smell like candy but tickle your nose as a fuel strain would. If you see it on shelves, pull the trigger – no strain’s stock has jumped faster in the last month and a half. I’m biased in saying it, but it’s true. 

Sherbinski 41 Kings (Gelato 41 x King Louis)

As you’ll read in the full feature on all his new activities, Sherbinski has been deep at it the last couple of years hoping to produce his next generation of trendsetters. One of the phenotypes he is most excited about is a pairing of Gelato 41 and King Louis. The strain smells like one of those old-school OGs that didn’t have a lot of fuel notes, with a side of Gelato. We’re all about it. That being said, even with the cool nose, it’s definitely a hitter. You can see a photo of 41 Kings in the feature. 

Wizard Trees & Fiya Farmer Zangria

Courtesy of Wizard Trees

This pairing of Thin Mint Cookies and Zkittlez from Wizard Trees and Fiya Farmer is sure to be one of the most talked-about strains of summer. The nose is all Vintage Cookies and Fruit Punch. That’s just when you open up the sleek mylar bar that is somewhere between red and maroon on the color spectrum. Once you crunch into the nugs, it only gets more intense in aroma. Much of that nose will come through in the flavor. It’s one of those strains reminiscent of smoking a popsicle with a dash of dessert. 


Original Z Rosin

Z terps continue to set the bar for those in search of the greatest hash flavors. The Original Z’s latest offering, Zlushi, fits the bill perfectly. Expect a trip down memory lane to what put the famous terpene profile on top in the first place. It’s easy to understand why nearly a decade later, the Z maintains as the bat setter for hash exceptionalism.

Kalaya Extracts

We mentioned the flower version of Zangria is rockstar terps, so why not try the hash version of it made by the world champs. When we first set our eyes on this rosin, it screamed elite. The look amazed, the smell captivated and the sweet flavor was riveting. One of our other favorite in recent memory from Kalya was its Garlic Cocktail collab with Vesuvio. Keep an eye out for both one if you want to experience some of the best-tasting hash in California right now. 

Hash and Flowers

Courtesy of Hash and Flowers

No hash company has risen to wider prominence since 4/20/21 than Hash and Flower. Backboned by the candy terps of Honey Bananas putting a hurricane in its sails, the company has continued to get more shelf space up and down California. It’s currently in the midst of its assault on the hash market’s status quo, but still can be tricky to secure. Keep an eye on Catalyst’s menu and act quickly if you see it.  

Fidel’s – Hash Hole

We’ve been Hash Hole believers for some time. The Barcelona-born trend now has blown up in California, too. And, while prerolls can get a bad rep due to boof lords stuffing them with mids from the Central Valley, the flower and hash that go into Fidel’s is all heat. In its short time in the maker, Hash Hole has already carved out its spot in the hearts of elite consumers. Keep an eye out this summer when we tell the complete Hash Hole story for 7/10.

Suprize Suprize Hashies

Courtesy of Suprize Suprize

The common folk finally can have access to the world champs, via its new preroll line. Suprize Suprize has won numerous cups over the years for its hash, and for the first time ever, you’ll be able to get it in a preroll. Unlike the rosin-loaded prerolls we listed, these are live trichrome heads. They’ve developed the technique to infuse this ultra pristine hash into prerolls. But it’s not just any preroll, the flower comes from sister company Royal Key Organics, whose famed pucks were some of the fastest flying jars in L.A. since legalization. The Grape Royal and M-Con 8 changed our lives. 

Best New Shops


Courtesy of GorillaRX

When Kika Keith isn’t being a thought leader on providing the communities that were hit the hardest by the war on drugs with access to the cannabis industry, she’s making sure the shelves of GorillaRX are stocked with the heat. It’s easy to see her efforts aren’t wasted when you look at the menu, and a recent Super Bowl collaboration with G-Eazy and The Flowershop team showed GorillaRX is up for fun new cannabis retail experiences. 

Josephine & Billies

Courtesy of Josephine & Billie’s

A lot of folks will point to the Jay-Z investment when Josephine and Billies come up, but the only reason they got the money in the first place was that they’re doing it properly. They’ve done a great job filling the shelves with solid cannabis and they have a direct line to L.A.’s oldest equity farm in Ball Family Farms. 


Courtesy of 3C Farms

3C Farms has been a perennial stop for L.A. OG kush lovers for many years, and its new downtown location makes it more convenient than ever to get your hands on it. It’s also one of the more aesthetically pleasing shops in town. The wood paneling looks like the bar from Cheers, not somewhere you’d go to get your hands on the heat, which it is. 

The Ten Co Store 

Courtesy of The Ten Co

Few recent dispensary openings have been laced in as much clout as The Ten Co Shop. Why was there so much enthusiasm? The shop’s opening came on the heels of The Ten Co’s flower line Zushi winning the original Zalympix, hosted by the killers over at Greenwolf. Winning a contest hosted by a shop with one of the best menus in the world goes a long way, but that is not to take away from the excitement The Ten Co was generating before the contest win or shop. 


Wonderbrett has been pumping out quality, affordable cannabis to the masses for years, and you can now buy direct at its colorful new dispensary. Not only will it have access to the freshest Wonderbrett product in town because weed moves faster through vertically integrated companies most of the time, but it also will be home to big launches for all its exclusive drops and collaborations. 


Events and Drops


Courtesy of Capulator

One of LA’s favorite breeders is going nuts for the holiday over at Peace of Green on Central and East Pico. Cap will be putting out a full spread of his best heaters. Cap’s $20 top-shelf eighths were one of the best-kept secrets in town, until I typed this. Strains for the holiday will include MAC 1, Dinosaur Food, Star Pebbles, Runtz, Freezerburn x Kushmints, Breakfast of Champions, and Jealousy x Cap Junky. Keep an eye out for collab carts with Vesuvio Gardens, too. 


Claybourne Co. Flights

Courtesy of Clayborne

The limited-edition 5-gram Flight lets its customers try out five different strains of Claybourne flower for the price of an eighth. They’ll be sold statewide in California at various dispensaries up and down the coast, as well as through Claybourne’s own delivery service, Claybourne Connect. 


Kiva x Yeastie Boys

Courtesy of Kiva

One of the biggest names in weed chocolate is collaborating with LA bagel food truck pioneers, The Yeastie Boys, for a holiday treat like no other. Kiva’s Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar features the Yeastie’s classic salty seasoning sprinkled on sweet, hash-infused dark chocolate. Kiva notes you can expect it to be sugary, savory, chocolatey and hashy. Kiva is one of the standard-bearers for quality in the market over the years, so it’s always fun to see a new twist on the proven lineup. 



Courtesy of Mesobis

Mesobis is a new LA-based cannabis and lifestyle brand inspired by Latin American culture. It launches today with its debut line of Latin-flavored cannabis gummies. The flavors for the launch are Acai, Mango con Chile, and Tamarindo con Chamoy y Chilito.


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