Fri, Nov 9


The Black Castle

On November 9 San Francisco's Von celebrates the release of their debut album Satanic Blood by headlining the Ritual of The Black Mass festival. The group was one of the earliest American bands to adopt a black metal sound in the early '90s. They broke up after recording only a couple of demos, but those demos would be enough to influence bands that would later go on to success, including black metal superstars Watain, who took their name from a Von song. After a reunion in 2010, Von are giving it another go for new audiences.

Enslaved knows exactly where they stand in the forest of metal

Enslaved knows exactly where they stand in the forest of metal

Sat, Nov 10


The Roxy Theatre

It's been nine months since auto maker Scion held one of their free metal shows in Hollywood, but they are returning with a bill that is worth the wait. Norwegian progressive death-metallers Enslaved have spent two decades fine-tuning their blend of brutality and ambitiousness, with their newest album RIITIIR being another great effort in an impressive catalogue. RSVP for free admission here.

In space, Municipal Waste can hear you scream

In space, Municipal Waste can hear you scream

Wed, Nov 14

Municipal Waste, Napalm Death

House of Blues Hollywood

Two generations of relentless metal will collide on November 14. Virginia thrashers Municipal Waste may not be serious with the subject matter of their lyrics — usually some combination of beer, zombies, or radioactive terror — but they are serious about using their over-the-top riffage to make sure the pit never stops. Scene veterans/grindcore pioneers Napalm Death are twenty years older than the Waste crew, but their stage energy and frantic riffage shows no signs of slowing down.

Alestorm wants you to walk the plank with a bottle of rum and a Yo-Ho-Ho

Alestorm wants you to walk the plank with a bottle of rum and a Yo-Ho-Ho

Fri, Nov 16


House of Blues Hollywood

Dutch symphonic-metal outfit Epica may be the headliner but for us, Scottish pirate-metal kings Alestorm are the real reason to leave the house.

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One of the most engaging live acts in metal today, Alestorm will have everyone in the room dancing a jig, swigging ale, and shouting along with pirate-themed thrashers like “Keelhauled” and “The Sunk'N Norwegian.” And if you're lucky, band leader Christopher Bowes will serenade you with a keytar solo before he makes you walk the plank.

Wintersun returns after eight years to bask in the glow

Wintersun returns after eight years to bask in the glow

Thu, Nov 29


House of Blues Hollywood

Wintersun burst out of Finland in 2004 with their self-titled debut, a stunningly confident masterpiece of melodic death metal melded with some black metal and folk metal influences. Eight years later, their follow-up album Time I is finally out and lives up to the lofty expectations that metal fans had built up. The sweeping guitar solos and keyboards are back, but this time the production is incredibly layered in scope, at times resembling a death-metal Dream Theater. And most importantly, the band finally washes upon American shores for a tour!

Armored Saint...still reigning fire after all these years

Armored Saint…still reigning fire after all these years

Fri, Nov 30

Armored Saint

House of Blues Hollywood

Metal Blade Records' 30th anniversary show is headlined by Armored Saint, who has been with the label (on and off) since the start. After all of these years, the band's sound still rides comfortably on the fence between thrash metal and commercial hard rock, but luckily it incorporates the finest elements of each. John Bush's pipes still sound fierce and vibrant on classics like “Reign Of Fire” and “March Of The Saint,” though he will inevitably get your assistance when you shout along with the choruses.

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