Tuesday, Apr 2

Ensiferum, Tyr

House of Blues Sunset Strip

The annual Paganfest tour has become one of our favorite regular metal tours. Finland's Ensiferum is grounded heavily in orchestral folk metal, but maintains a galloping pace that keeps headbangers moving in the pit. Denmark's Tyr has more in common with Viking metal bands like Amon Amarth and has no orchestration or folk instruments to be found, but tales of journeys and battles from many years ago are common inspirations for both bands. There are no references to modern life to be found here, and we're okay with that.

Saturday, Apr 6

Lightning Swords of Death

The Black Castle

An unsuspecting soul listening to Lightning Swords of Death's newest album Baphometic Chaosium would swear that they hailed from the cold climates of Scandinavia. In fact, these black metal demons have been kicking around Los Angeles for a decade. Their attack steers clear of typical progressive overtones, however. Instead the group provides one of the most caustic listening experiences of 2013 so far by focusing on sheer darkness and unbridled brutality.

Saturday, Apr 6


Whisky A Go-Go

Sweden's Soilwork is one of the most consistently solid bands left from the late-'90s melodic-thrash wave. The group plays with their sound on their new double album The Living Infinite, with some slightly-proggy guitar work popping in here and there. Otherwise, the songs are still incredibly catchy and the vocals of Bjorn “Speed” Strid shine, whether it's a loud scream or a soft croon. There aren't many metal vocalists that can anchor this much material as well as he can and not wear out his welcome.

Friday, Apr 12


The Black Castle

Sorcery was one of many Swedish bands in the early '90s putting out excellent death metal, anchored by a little bit of groove. Their debut album Bloodchilling Tales is considered by some to be a lost classic, and they broke up before releasing a follow-up. Thankfully, time healed any wounds and Sorcery regrouped this year for their second album, Arrival At Six. Age has not dulled the band's edge, and the kids could definitely learn a few lessons from this record.

Death line-up circa 1991

Death line-up circa 1991

Saturday, Apr 13

Death To All

House of Blues Sunset Strip

Last year's tribute to fallen Death founder Chuck Schuldiner featured an all-star cast of musicians from every era of the band's history. This year's installment is lesser in numbers, but not in talent: Paul Masvidal (guitar), Steve DiGeorgio (bass), and Sean Reinert (drums), who played on the group's 1991 classic Human. The album saw Death get more technical in their sound, adding an extra layer of atmosphere and musicianship to their already-innovative death metal.

Monday, Apr 15

Ghost B.C.

El Rey Theatre

Sweden's Ghost B.C.'s 2011 debut Opus Eponymous was a refreshing slab of '70s-style melodic metal. It was a throwback to the days when Blue Oyster Cult reigned supreme. The band's mysterious image also helped the buzz build and led to sold-out shows everywhere for their first U.S. tour in 2012. Their newest album Infestissumam does not see the group settling for more of the same. The songs are still catchy as hell, but the album's grandiose production lends depth that gives their new material an extra spooky oomph.

Tuesday, Apr 16


The Vex Arts L.A.

Long Island metallers Suffocation have never strayed from their two-decade long ambition of bludgeoning listeners with brute force. New album Pinnacle of Bedlam continues their assault, with the death growls of Frank Mullen as vicious as ever. Mullen is one of the most entertaining death-metal vocalists to watch live. His gestures and body movements are as if the group's music causes him to enter a hypnotic trance, and an evil death-metal spirit takes over and consumes his body.

Tuesday, Apr 30


The Vex Arts L.A.

Absu has been hacking away in Texas for 20 years, but have really only begun to truly get the recognition they deserve more recently. The trio has a deliciously skewed take on the black metal sound. On albums such as 2009's Absu and 2011's Abzu (yep, you read that right), band leader/drummer Proscriptor McGovern takes listeners on an almost-hallucinogenic black metal trip, steering them through twists and turns that are at time disorienting, but ultimately incredibly fulfilling.

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