I was 12. My family and I were in Orlando for summer vacation, doing family things — ya know how that goes. One night when we got back to the hotel, I decided to see if my favorite band, Panic! At The Disco, was on tour or if they had any shows coming up. I started scrolling through their dates and saw that they were going to be in Orlando the next day. I was so excited! Dad said we could definitely go check it out. So I wake up, put my old Ramones tee on that I’m pretty sure I got from the children’s line at Hot Topic — haha. We walk up to the box office and the security guard sadly said it was sold out. My dreams were crushed. Dad tried finagling his way but it didn’t work out. The guard could see how sad I was so he said, “Hey, I do have one ticket left. But you’d have to go in alone.”

I looked at mom and dad: “Keep your phone on you.”

The guard walked me in. I stayed close to the door, and I watched the most spectacular show I had ever seen. The theatrics were insane, especially to see in a House of Blues. After the gig, I met the bass player. He signed my baby Ramones tee. And to this day, I still have that shirt.

 The Foxies’ new EP Growing Up is Dead is out now and available here.

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