We are on the road a lot and don’t get to see many concerts unless we are on the bill. We’ve been inspired by many independent and emerging artists but I think the show a few of us organized with Patti Smith for a local charity in Detroit is one of the most memorable.

I was busy behind the scenes but had a chance to watch from the wings as half the place spontaneously walked up towards the stage. It was like a church service as Patti sang “People Have the Power.” My parents were there and they hadn’t been to many concerts outside of church, and they were in awe of her and the local talent. Seeing music bring people together from different backgrounds, my parents reaction, Patti’s generosity in doing the event (she had passed up on an event with the Pope to keep her promise to us) was all so inspiring. I felt Iike a music history tourist with a backstage pass.

Jennifer Westwood & the Handsome Devils play with Dizzy Box Nine, Ten Bulls, The Dancing Skeletons, Third Street and Sokojo at 8:15 p.m. on Friday, February 21 at The Mint.

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