There are limited days of lockdown shopping left this holiday season, and we’ve got the last-minute cannabis stocking stuffers sure to pop your product up a notch.

While you likely won’t be able to give your family the gift of your presence this year, you can still mail them drugs and sweet weed accessories. And by “mail drugs” we mean order them from a delivery service and tell grandma they’re coming.

We’re going to save most of the weed for The 12 Strains of Christmas next week, but here is a last-minute spread of fantastic gear any cannabis enthusiast is sure to love:


THC Design: Cultivation Methods and Practices Hardcover First Edition 

While names like Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes have dominated the cannabis cultivation guide space for decades, teaching millions to grow their own weed in the process, THC Design’s new book is an extremely refreshing offering for those that prefer the written word to Google when trying to figure out how to grow their pot. At the core of the book, it’s a solid guide. But the presentation puts it over the top. The blacked-out matte cover offers no branding besides a pinch on the binding – they saved it all for the inside! The book is one of the finest large-format cannabis coffee table books in recent memory. Within the unassuming exterior you’ll find gorgeous shots of strains like Royal Kush and the whole 84-day life cycle of one plant going from a rooted clone to finished plant. (Photo courtesy of THC Design)

Myster High End – Stashtray

One of the worst parts about pot accessories is there can be a lot to organize. Jar, weed, papers, pipes – where does it end? Well, the team at Myster High End has attempted to simplify that process at least a little bit. Their new magnetic rolling stashtrays and jars are a perfect solution for keeping things looking a bit cleaner at home or on the road. Most of the time, when you keep your jars on your tray, they would slide around what not. With the magnetic tray, it’s a smoother process to take your whole rolling station from room to room. (Photo courtesy of Myster High End)


Stashlogix Extra Large 

Over the years, few companies have been there more for people who wanted to hide their weed from their kids and others. While one of those hollowed-out Mountain Dew cans in the fridge would probably create some trust issues with your offspring, Stashlogix’s clean and classy lineup continues to evolve. We’d been using the originals for years. While the old lockable weed lunchbox vibe was cool, the new hard cases feel and look a lot nicer. They still have all the modular options on the inside, but on the newest medium size edition you can take all the padding out and stuff it with six eighth jars and a mini rolling tray. Surely enough of a supply for a solid afternoon. In the past, we’ve recommended the medium version, but the holiday season falls right after the harvest! Go with a large and you’ll be able to securely store up to an ounce and a half! (Photo courtesy of Stashlogix)

Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock

So the dabber in your life already has the hottest new dabbing technology on the planet we premiered here on L.A. Weekly for its launch? Fantastic. But one of the coolest editions to the new Puffco Peak Pro besides the rebuilt atomizer is the fantastic charging base accessory you can get your hands on. You just plug it in, leave it on your desk and your Peak is ready to go all the time. Even more fun, the base holds a few charges so you can take it camping and really get lifted before you hit the trail or just stare at the campfire! Remember, this only works on the new Peak Pro and not the original, but if you’re trying to get the dabber in your life to upgrade anyway, just buy them one to inspire the move. (Photo courtesy of Puffco)

Terp Timer by Octave

One of the hottest products in the hash space for those still picking up a torch, Octave’s Terp Timer is a thermometer designed to allow you to take the perfect dad. Temperature is everything with a good dab. If it’s too hot you’re going to waste your dabs and possibly damage your quartz. If the bucket is too cool, you’ll end up with a puddle that isn’t producing any vape. Octave’s special sensor that works effectively between 400 and 700 degrees is the perfect answer to those problems. The idea is catching on quick. According to their website they’ve moved 22,000 units in the last 45 days. This is the newest model available. (Photo courtesy of Octave)

Doctor Greenthumb’s Insane Lights and Holiday Toy Drive at the Drive-in

Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries are inviting folks to join them for an evening of gratitude and giving. In addition to screening Jumanji, Dr. Greenthumb’s is organizing a Toy Drive for foster care youth in the West San Fernando Valley. The event takes place the evening of December 21 in Woodland Hills.

You can also swing by one of the Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries to get your hands on some Insane Lights. The strain is a blend of an Afghani and a Purple Thai. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Greenthumb


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