The Bad Plus

In 1913, Igor Stravinsky premiered his riot-inducing masterpiece, The Rite of Spring. A hundred and one years later, bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer Dave King, aka The Bad Plus, have put their signature stamp on the formidable pièce de résistance, eliciting catcalls from the peanut gallery. Why excoriate three guys for not sounding like a 100-piece orchestra, especially when their arrangement is so meticulously researched and executed to make the feat possible in the first place? As with their other adaptations (Nirvana, Ligeti, Aphex Twin, etc.), they somehow pull it off with simultaneous historical accuracy and ironic mutilation. It's what makes this trio one of the most significant and visionary jazz groups in a generation. Check it out: The mob awaits, and L.A. knows something about riots. Also Tues., May 6.

Mon., May 5, 9 p.m.; Tue., May 6, 9 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 05/06/14)

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