How did you celebrate your weekend? Probably not as creatively as the guys who celebrate Bacon Day by building a working bacon bazooka.

Apparently Bacon Day is an annual event over at This Is Freaking Ridiculous. In 2010, 40 pounds of bacon went into the making of the Bacon AT-AT. The first annual Bacon Day in 2009? Behold the BA-K-47, a bacon-covered, 1:1 scale model of an assault rifle.

This working shoulder-launched munition made with 15 pounds of bacon can fire model rockets or summer sausages. See the video, and read our short interview with those responsible, after the jump.

Before you fire off hate mail about the bacon-deprived children in Africa and how this is a wasteful use of perfectly good food etc., the blog authors would like you to know that all of the bacon used this year was donated because it was past the expiration date. Besides, Hickory Farms Summer Sausage is still “edible” after it's used as ammo a few times, so no party foul there.

That “Baconalia” ad campaign that Denny's recently launched? We're pretty sure these bacon guerillas will get far more attention in the food blogosphere. Sorry about the millions you spent on ad buys, Denny's.

We emailed the blog's author, Nick Hamon, with a few questions…


Squid Ink: What prompted the first Bacon Day?

Nick Hamon: Originally it was our friend Philip's 30th birthday. We had such a good time that we decided to make it a yearly event. This was our third year and we hope that it continues to grow in the future.

SI: Why the fascination with bacon weaponry?

NH: The first year was the BA-K-47, a scale model of an AK-47. That was a lot more enjoyable to make than the four-foot-tall AT-AT I made the following year. I decided to make something that was fun to actually use this year.

SI: Any ideas for 2012 you can share with us?

NH: I do already have plans, but I like to keep it a secret until the day of the event.

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