“The erosion of public order is almost
enough to make some Afghans nostalgic.”

Looting and lawlessness under warlord
rule, from The Christian Science Monitor.

“Clever, creative thinking can sometimes achieve unimaginable ends.”

How to stop terrorism, family style.

“Is Mr. Ashcroft pulling in, say, any of America’s own Talibans, like the Army of
God, with his dragnet?”

The dirtiest secret of the Justice
might be incompetence.

“There are three houses in the fort. We
control two and the enemy has one.”

Battling the last remnant of non-Afghan Taliban resistance at Qala-i-Jhangi.

“God will supernaturally reveal himself
to Muslims on that day.”

The Southern Baptists’ prayers for Ramadan.

“Baggy, sagging a little in the elastic, but
undeniably a collectors’ item.”

Richard Lloyd-Parry nabs Osama bin Laden’s underpants.

“I see firemen, policemen, recovering
alcoholics, and people who are — uh,
here’s a word I don’t use very often — gay.”

At the wake of WTC victim Father Mychal Judge.

“I would say it is very depressing, and if
I could find any stronger word than that,
I would say it.”

The de-wiring of Somalia.

“Given the conflict in Afghanistan, the
dangers have never been so near.”

The threat of nuclear war on the Indian
subcontinent, in Scientific American.

“One 41-page document entitled
‘Assorted Nasties’ is a ‘how to’ guide
to chemical weapons.”

What al Qaeda left behind.

Assorted Nasties
and other books by
David Harber:

“I’m in the U.S. Army.”

Troy A. Lettieri’s Listmania list:

Afghanistan, 1933:

Photographs from UC Riverside’s Keystone Mast Collection.

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