“Democracy won’t survive if citizens turn into lemmings.”

Bill Moyers decries apathy (and corporate mercenaries) in The Nation.

“This is our rallying cry, our motto: He’s all we’ve got.”

Mark Morford says you can despise Bush and love your country.

“A good, simple plan.”

“Hijackers’ Meticulous Strategy of Brains, Muscle and Practice.”

“As they came out of the house, the shit hit the fan.”

Seymour Hersh gathers evidence on the failed raid of October 20.

“Whether they were villagers or Taliban military, that’s the question.”

Who died at Chowkar-Karez?

“They’re looking at me like I’m a terrorist.”

Why was Nancy Oden grounded in Bangor?

Declan McCullagh interviews the Green Party activist on Politech:

“If you overstay your visa even one day, we will arrest you.”

The story behind the detainees.

This predicament is a test for feminists.”

Does the Taliban’s abuse of women justify war?

“And where do they think we are, the 12 million Egyptian Christians, in all this?”

Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif reports from Cairo.

“You know that old saying, ‘Life begins at 40’? Well, not in Sierra Leone!”

Cheer up: You live in the richest country in the world.

“Utopia. Here’s the catch. Utopia means no place.”

Momus: What is he thinking?

National Geographic called it a ‘great vacation spot.’”

Wired News interviews Farhad Azad, Web archivist of Afghanistan’s history.

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