“The dead in Afghanistan do not have names, only numbers.”

Gary Younge, writing for the Guardian, calls for an everyman’s peace movement.

“The soil is of exuberant fertility.”

Why big countries battle over this
little piece of land: “Afghanistan” by Friedrich Engels, 1857.

“Restructuring the Internet? I don’t think so.”

Fox News says the FBI wants to
rewire the Net so it’s easier to snoop.

“There is a growing class division in this country over the war.”

Victor Davis Hanson on the working-class war and the professorial peace movement, in National Review Online.

“No one can be a moderate in wishing to go to paradise.”

The New York Times questions V.S. Naipaul on his wife, war and Islam.

“What is our government trying to do?”

Propaganda and tainted food: “Poisoning the Well,” from the NoWar Collective.

“I’m sure that’s one reason crop dusters were grounded after Sept. 11.”

“Of Microbes and Mock Attacks: Years Ago, the Military Sprayed Germs on U.S. Cities,” from The Wall Street Journal.

“His people walked out of the race conference . . . you can’t ignore this stuff.”

Jonetta Rose Barras on the black
“patriotism of ambivalence,” in the Washington Post.

“American bombing over the city makes an unbearable atmosphere.”

Eyewitness accounts of the U.S. strikes on Kabul, from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

“[W]e need to re-evaluate what we know about inhaled anthrax.”

Thinking ahead of the CDC’s dogma, a doctor saves a life. From Wired News.

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