”My generation’s been through a time machine

that‘s left our parents in the old world and

put our children in the new one.“

The meteoric rise of the Gulf States.



”Known in some circles as the ’Senator From Disney,‘ [Fritz] Hollings also bears a striking resemblance

to a younger Jack Valenti.“

The ”American Techniban“

wants to hobble your machines.


”When the oil company Conoco’s Somali headquarters

was used as the office for the American embassy,

we should see that as a hint of possible reasons for militarily

intervening in Somalia, not political exaggeration.“

Black Hawk Down actor Brendan Sexton III responds to Salon‘s critique of his political rhetoric.



”There’s this whole school of leftist interpretation and writing on the film that‘s just ludicrous.“

Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden on

Brendan Sexton III’s political rhetoric, as quoted

by Salon‘s Michelle Goldberg.



”The U.S. can only create a more violent,

unstable world when it intervenes abroad.“

The text of Sexton’s talk.


LA Weekly