“Mr. [Sean] Boyne, who works for military
magazine Jane’s Intelligence Review, said he was shocked his work had been used in the Government’s dossier . . . He said: ‘I don’t like to think that anything I wrote has been used for an argument for war. I am concerned because I am against the war.’ . . .The dossier had been praised by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in his speech to the U.N. Security Council. Mr. Boyne added: ‘Maybe I should invoice Colin Powell.’”

At least they could have corrected the spelling mistakes: Harsh words for the free world’s unoriginal leaders, from the real authors of the dossier on Iraq. From the Daily Mirror, UK

The press release and
the Congressional Record.

“In the surreal world that is today’s media, Colin Powell has no opposition. None. There is no alternative view. None. In this Kafkaesque place, Reps. DeFazio and Paul didn’t conduct a press conference yesterday. Nor did they introduce legislation that counters George Bush and Colin Powell’s world-view . . . a world-view, mind you, that the world doesn’t share.”

Why did the media ignore Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) and Ron Paul’s (R-Tex.) move to repeal last fall’s Iraq Use of Force Resolution? Analysis from the No War Blog.

The press release and
the Congressional Record.

“Although completely suppressed in the U.S. media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking . . . The real reason for this upcoming war is this administration’s goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the euro as an oil-transaction currency standard.”

War Theory No. 7787: It’s the Euro, stupid. EV World explains it all for you.

“The naked demonstrators, aged 20 to 60, used their bodies to form the words ‘No war’ on the side of a hill in Byron Bay, New South Wales.”

Critical tits, Down Under style: The women of Australia get naked for peace. From the BBC.

“If Hager becomes chairman of the 11-member Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee, he will lead its study of hormone-replacement therapy for menopausal women, one of the biggest controversies in health
care . . .The panel also made the key recommendation in 1996 that led to approval of the “abortion pill,” RU-486 — a decision that abortion foes are still fighting. Hager assisted the Christian Medical Association last August in a ‘citizens’ petition’” calling upon the FDA to reverse itself on RU-486, saying it has endangered the lives and health of women.”

Leave no fetus behind: Dr. David Hager, Bush’s choice to lead the FDA’s advisory panel on women’s health policy, is praying for your menstrual cramps. From Time.

“The Bush administration is proposing to relax measures that curb toxic emissions from a variety of industries, including pulp mills, auto factories, petrochemical plants and steel mills . . . The emissions at issue are not hazardous because of smog-forming potential, but because they can lead to cancer or damage the brain or a developing fetus.”

Well, there’s fetuses, and then there’s fetuses: You’d better not kill ’em, but they can. From the Los Angeles Times.

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