“They are a bit of a tangle, those people.”
POWs or battlefield detainees? Classifying Afghanistan’s captured fighters.

“If someone goes to porn, they’re desperate.”
How sex figured into Enron’s broadband dreams.

“Enthusiasts [have been] stopped in the street and ordered to . . . surrender their rubber axes.”
The crackdown on the Kazakhstan Tolkeinisti.

“Without fanfare, the attorney general simply quashed the Freedom of Information Act.”
John Ashcroft’s October memorandum.

“A new memorandum that has raised concerns about openness is not meant as a major change in policy.”
Or maybe it’s not that bad.

“Pregnancy should be part of the business discussion since it is part of the business world.”
“Brazen Careerist” Penelope Trunk in her 16th week.
“I was one who wanted a better look.”
Penelope Trunk, 17 weeks ago.

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